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UniGuard Patrol Management Systems

UniGuard Patrol Management Systems

The eye-catching and brilliantly straightforward patrol management system from UniGuard is becoming a more common sight within security companies all over Australia and surrounding countries every day. UniGuard makes use of an easy-to-carry data-logging wand. UniGuard is Ideal for security guards, cleaners and other mobile facility personnel.

The user simply registers his or her presence at a designated room or location by touching the wand against a receiver button on the wall. The wand records the time and location of each visit, and the data can be downloaded later to create a spreadsheet showing all site visits and times.

Importantly, the information can be used as evidence of site visits when preparing invoices or proving contractual compliance in a legal setting. UniGuard's outstanding robust system has made its mark in the security industry all over Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, the United Kingdom and South Africa with its high durability and tamperproof construction.

The software is a SQL server database capable of manipulating the data into various report formats from line by line activity reports to exception reporting. In addition to recording patrol or guard tour events, The UniGuard Professional Software can be programmed to read personnel activities and incident occurrences. The UniGuard Professional Software Package can be upgraded to UniGuard LIVE which transfers data after each patrol to a control room. It provides sufficient information for the control room to follow up with a security officer should the patrol or guard tour not conform to requirements. At predetermined times, exception reports can e-mailed to operational management and if requested customers.